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We answered YES! We set out to be an industry leader providing top notch quality services at nearly unbeatable prices.

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Tier5 Services


Development is our main service offering. Mobile apps, web apps, website development and desktop applications, we have developed them all. Just need a few changes and not a new product? We're happy to do that too.


With every mobile app or website, we develop, we include one of several design packages to meet your needs. We also have standalone design packages for Mobile Apps, Web Sites, Logos, and print media.


2d, 3d, 4d, and web animation. We are well versed in Maya and Adobe. Either provide us the storyboard or we will make it for you.


If you want your site to be as visible as possible to your user base, then search engine optimization is essential. Tier5 offers several SEO packages to accommodate a range of needs and budgets to up your website's ranking on the biggest search engines. We can also set up and manage your AdWords and social accounts.


Some websites just don' fit right with their current hosting and need to move to a new server. Migrations require enough development skill to ensure the contents and data coming from one server work correctly once they are running on their new server. Tier5 offers several migration packages.


Tier5 offers several Tiers of consulting packages. From second opinion quotes, code auditing, business analysis, and technical consulting. We're here to help your business even if you don't want us to do the development work.

Dedicated Staffing

We offer a professional dedicated staffing service. Tier5 does all the interviews, testing, and vetting of your soon to be resources. Your resource must first work for Tier5 for 3 months so we can evaluate their skills and quality before they are able to be put into a dedicated pool. This means you get top notch talent, no headaches, you spend less time and money growing your company.

White Labeling

Let us do all the work and you take all the credit. Several major development firms use our white labeling service. You give us the work; we will never list it on our portfolio or tell anyone we did it. You can pass all our hard work off as your own.

About Tier5


99% Complete

DESIGN - 75%

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60% Complete

SEO - 100%

100% Complete

Tier5 was the result of simple and often overlooked fact: economies are very different around the world, causing people in some countries to be generally better or more efficient at providing certain services than people in other countries who have their own specialties. Discover elegant solutions for your online business. We're fast, professional, reliable, and affordable.

Tier5 is an American IT company specializing in web design, web development and digital marketing. Headquartered in Indiana, we combine diverse skill sets throughout our network of qualified developers. Our clients' projects are developed under a strict, process-oriented methodology with a single point of contact for our clients. This approach allows us to improve constantly, while delivering quality products at freelancer rates.

Our vision is to optimize the pairing of web and mobile development skills from around the world with clients who need custom work, while keeping it simple for the client with a single point of contact. Inspired by this vision, the Tier5 model radically improves efficiency over the models used by conventional web and app development firms, allowing us to pass cost savings on to our clients while keeping our web and app developers' salaries competitive.


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Our Process


To best satisfy our clients' needs, we begin by being up front about our capabilities. Among the first of our interactions with a client, a Tier5 representative will ask a few questions to determine if we can move forward into planning the client's project.


Once we have determined that we are a good match for a client, a Project Manager will discuss pricing, technical requirements and possibilities with the client for their project, as well as plot out a timeline. For the less tech-savvy, Tier5 Project Managers are qualified to assist our clients in making important technical decisions, where necessary.


Design can be a tricky stage in website or mobile app development, often requiring several revisions and modifications to meet our clients' needs. To account for these uncertainties, Tier5 includes a design package in our original estimates.


The development process involves building the functional features our clients require in their apps and websites. During this process, clients will enjoy regular progress reports and contact with a Project Manager. Deliverables will be available at time-based project milestones, allowing clients to suggest improvements or provide clarifications.


It's not enough to just have a website or mobile app. People need to know about you and they need to be able to find you. During development we optimize your site or app fully for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We provide error free software that meets all validation requirements. We can also offer one of several SEO packages. You can find out more info and pricing here:SEO PRICING


Security is by far the most important part of development. What good is a website or application if it's not secure. Before we launch your software we perform a full security audit on your server or app and fix any security holes we fine. We also take extra security measures preventing SQL injections, DDOS Attacks, and Brute Force Login Attempts.


We practice quality at every stage, not just the last step. We break every project into time-based milestones that can be audited, tested and approved. During the actual coding, a Tier5 Quality Manager will oversee the development process and test functionality on specified devices or browsers at least once a week.


A testament to the quality of a company's product is how they back it after the sale. Tier5 offers ongoing support to our clients free for three months upon completion of a project, and at a monthly rate after that. Basic Support includes any bug fix and is included with every project; Full Support includes Basic and any kind of maintenance or changes that do not affect functionality. For major modifications, we'd be happy to start a new project.

A Few Of Our Amazing Projects

Some of the most recent work we have done. Our next amazing project could be yours.

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"With Tier5's help I was able to create a site that is changing the way people wed and promoting serenity."
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Ron Ruth


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Respectful, Communicates well and gets the job done

Resque App

Web Application

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Tier5 did a great job on this project. What initially looked pretty straightforward, turned into something more complex. Tier5 developed some innovative solutions to some technical issues and helped me field a very nice event page. Thanks Tier5!

Corporate Confesions

Mobile Application

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Very satisfied with the results. Easy to work with and helpful

Racing Graphics

ASP.NET Application

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"This project went smoothly and we got everything launched on time!"

Level Sleep

Magento Store

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"I had way to much time overhead in running my compnay so I turned to Tier5. With their help I was able to streamline my process and spend less time managing villas and bookings. They made several integrations and went over and above my expectations."

Playa Las Tortugas

CI Framework

What people say about Tier5


Tier5 has a service Tier to meet the needs of any size business and budget. We've built $500 websites and $50,000 applications. Whatever your business, whatever your need, whatever your budget, Tier5 is your go to Software company. Contact us for any of your service needs.

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